There is no woman, or man on this earth, that I envy. I may not have every single thing that my heart desires (just yet), but I have the beautiful gift of life, good health, and loved ones around me. This means that I have been provided with the necessities needed, to accomplish my goals. Therefore, with what I have just stated, how could it make sense for me to envy my fellow brother or sister?


Most of the time when we allow envy to take over our feelings, it is often over things that I personally do not believe has any solid substance. For example, one may envy their fellow brother or sister, because they appear to have money. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that money is not important, of course it is. However, I don’t believe that money makes a man (or woman). I believe that the individual makes the money. For those of you who may read that and think that I’m trying to be fake deep, in short what I’m simply saying is that your character is beneficial. Money comes and goes, but your character is key and will ALWAYS remain so.


Let’s just say you are a certified dickhead, and you somehow stumble into money, the fact that you are a dickhead does not change. You are now a dickhead with money. In my opinion, ones values are far more important, than an individual who doesn’t care for anything or anyone apart from money. If someone loves money deeply, and always says “money over everything!” You’ve got to question, “What would that person NOT DO for money?”


Anyway, going back to my point. Often when you envy what someone has, what you fail to realise is that you do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Do you need me to explain further? Well here you are. For example you may be envious of someone’s relationship. This is due to the fact that you often see them upload cute videos and photos of themselves onto social media. They have a high amount of followers online, and maybe you are currently single and longing for such a relationship. However, what you do not know is that the couple are actually in an abusive relationship. You are unaware that just last week, the Police were called to their apartment after a neighbour reported that a lot of shouting and the sound of plates being smashed could be heard at 11pm at night. You may think that the example I am giving is extreme, but what you fail to realise is unfortunately this is common.


We assume that the folks we envy have all these “amazing” things that we lack, completely overlooking the fact that:


  1. We do not truly know how they acquired the things that they have.
  2. We do not know what happens behind closed doors.
  3. We forget that people will only tell or show you what they want you to see/hear in regards to their circumstances.


Little do you know that the guy who just bought his 2nd flashy car of the year (even though we are in march) makes his money via illegal activities. Yet you sit at your work desk, belittling your 9-5 job, because unlike Mr Flashy, you do not even own 1 car. If you actually knew that Mr Flashy can’t sleep at night because the sound of footsteps has him assuming that it is the Police about to raid his house, you’d actually be thankful to even own your amazing oyster card.


Your life is exactly that, YOURS. By all means, have people within your field that you may look up to, but do not envy what they or anyone else has. You DO NOT KNOW HOW THE PERSON GOT WHAT THEY GOT, OR WHAT THEY HAD TO DO TO GET IT. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF COMPARING YOURSELF TO ANYONE. YOU ARE NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ANYONE. STAY FOCUSED ON DOING YOU!


Being envious, adds zero positivity to your life. It bring nothing but negative energy into you mind and soul, and in due time it will turn you into a bitter person. Rather than dwelling on the things that you do not currently have, focus on all the blessings that currently have. Work hard at achieving anything that your heart desires, but do so with a clean heart and mind. When you are apart of the Envy-free zone, only greatness shall follow….





  1. Those three points that you shared were powerful. People always seem to forget the little things when it comes to envy.
    I honestly think the rise of social media has played a part in this issue.
    Young people in particular struggle with this.
    Some people do the craziest things because of envy/jealousy.
    In life, it’s so important to run your own race.
    What’s for you will come.
    Kelle –

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