Life Self-Care


Hey all,


Firstly, I’d like to apologise for ghosting in terms of my written posts. I have to admit, I have been struggling to find a balance between my YouTube and this.  This is something that I am working on, and God willing I shall be regularly posting throughout the year.


2018 is a crucial year for I. I have multiple goals that I aim on conquering, and I remind myself of these on a daily basis by looking at my vision board. While aiming to make sure that each day counts, and I am not counting the days, I recently realised that it is unhealthy to overwork yourself. REST IS KEY TO YOUR JOURNEY.


Although this sounds like I am stating the obvious, I often see various advice and quotes via social media, which instructs people to not rest or sleep in order to gain success. I do not believe in this train of thought. I think that it is important to find the correct balance between working towards achieving your goals, and having some relaxation time.


I also believe that you have to understand that no 2 days are the same.What I mean by this is that maybe yesterday you had a very productive day, however today you are struggling to come up with new ideas. Maybe, today you simply feel not bothered. Rather than beating yourself up about this, learn to understand what your body is telling you. There is nothing wrong with sometimes having a chill-out day. Continuously working yourself to the ground will only equal to you burning yourself out. What use will you be to anyone if you are mentally and physically drained?


Each day we will face new challenges. Some will be easier to conquer than others. However, what you must understand is that even the fingers on our hands are not equal. Each day comes with a new encounter. Maybe today you will feel up to doing x, y & z but come tomorrow you may just want to shut yourself away from the world and focus on your wellbeing by doing the things that you love. No matter where you are at on your journey to what you define as success, make sure to take care of yourself first. After all when you die, all the things that you are currently killing yourself for will be left behind.


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