As a youtuber, blogger and active social media user, I often find myself expressing my opinions on various topics. When expressing my views at the time, I 100% feel or think that way.


Recently, I was thinking about the amount of times that I have stated via my social media that I would no longer give a new hair gel a try. To be honest with you, over the past few months, I’ve said that often.  It is very annoying spending money on a product that supposedly will not leave any flakes or build up in my hair, only for it to do exactly that! What then happens is that because I have already stated that I would leave my edges alone, I then feel slightly embarrassed about then posting about a new hair gel. I had to really sit myself down and ask myself, why?

The answer was blatantly obvious. It was because I was worried about what other people would THINK and how I would come across! If I had said that I would no longer give something a try and then proceeded to do so, it would seem like I was going back on my word right? Well of course, but so what? I mean, I said what I said and I meant it (at the time) but if I’ve now decided to change my mind what is the big deal?! There in fact isn’t any. It is ok to verbally express your train of thought, and then later on change your mind. We are human and normally as time progresses and feelings change, so do your thoughts and opinions.


Even when looking back on old YouTube videos of mine, for example, “Locs, Dreads, Dreadlocks what’s the difference?” I expressed that I would never call my locs “dreadlocks” because there’s nothing dreadful about them (which is correct they are absolutely beautiful) however, fast forward to a couple of months later I no longer care about how I refer to my hair. Others and I can call it whatever we want and it will not change the fact that my hair is still a gorgeous crown regardless of any negative connotations the term “dreadlocks” may have. Feeling this way is a form of growth. I acknowledge that other people may see it as I backtracking on what I said, but to be frank people can think what they want. I seek validation from no one and from this day forward I will not be made to feel any type of way about changing my mind or views.


As humans, we are always evolving and changing how we view or feel about things. It is apart of the process and journey. Do not allow yourself to feel bad about doing so as it is natural and it is also a great way for you to learn. People will always try to knit pick on previous things that you may have said or done which you no longer do, but that is their problem not yours. So long as you confidently own your change of mind, other people’s thoughts and opinions don’t matter.






  1. I love this piece. At the core of it is a self love that is growing and honesty that is admirable. It will be hard for some people to go back against what they previously said especially when it comes to stuff like lifestyle for whatever reason but you recognize it and move past it sensibly. Before I end up typing a whole essay, lemme say, great…just great.

    1. Thank you so much for the love. I appreciate it. I honestly believe and feel that while you grow as an individual, it is key to be as honest and transparent with yourself as possible.

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