Everyone’s definition of success is different. However, in this post when using the term success, I mean it in terms of achieving your goals.


Below is how you could potentially be holding yourself back from success:





You have an idea for something, but you keep telling yourself that you are incapable of making it happen. What we fail to realise is that our minds/thoughts and mouths are a powerful tool. How you think and what you say, creates your reality.If you think and state that it is impossible for you to achieve your goals, the universe will make it come true.


Imagine what could happen if you decided to think and feel positive ay!





If I had given a toss about other peoples negative thoughts and opinions about what I do, I probably wouldn’t have this blog or my YouTube channel. Listening to what other people have to say is probably the best way to remain stagnant in life.


Most of the time when people are projecting their negative opinions onto you, it is because they themselves are scared to pursue whatever idea you are toying with. Generally speaking, a lot of people live their lives solely according to what society deems fit. Instead of being confident enough to live a life that they see fit for themselves, like sheep, they follow things that do not even bring them happiness. Due to this, they can’t fathom how another individual could live a fearless life and actually attempt to make their dreams a reality.


Ignore these types of people. Misery loves company




We live in a social media based world, which makes it easy for us to follow people who are in the industries that we aspire to be in. It could be that the people that you may look up to may be younger than you, yet they appear to be really excelling in their field. You log into your Instagram and these people seem to have everything that you wish you had. Automatically you start to compare their life to yours. You start asking God why is it that you are older than this individual yet they have “made it”and you have not. Quit that mentality.


Although you may have similar aspirations as someone, you need to realise that everyone’s journey is different.Some people may be settled in their careers in their early 20s, but many people may not be settled until their 30s+. There is no right or wrong age to achieve your goals. Comparing your journey to someone else is not the way to go.  By all means, you can use someone as motivation/inspiration, but never use someone else’s life as a direct blueprint of how yours should be.


Remember, that on things like social media, people only post what they want you to see. Rarely do people post about the struggles that they faced, and because they do not do so, you automatically assume that their life is a bed of roses. Learn to trust the journey and rather than compare your life to someone else, work on ways you can conquer your goals.


Remember slow progress is better than no progress.


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