As I type up this post, I have just hit over 1.7k subscribers via my YouTube Chanel. I have been a YouTuber for over 2 years.  While numbers don’t mean everything to me, the fact that my channel is growing daily amazes me.


People assume that being a YouTuber just requires you flinging on your camera, talking, and that’s it. Little do they know the amount of planning, editing, money, hard work, dedication and many other things that go into perfecting your content for your audience.


In regards to the number of subscribers that I currently have, would you believe it if I told you that I often question why people follow me? Let me take this story back a little bit….



Early in 2015, I had been toying with the idea of starting my own YouTube channel. While my best friend and brother encouraged me to do so, I continuously would talk myself out of it.


Why would anyone be interested in what I’ve got to say?

Why would anyone watch me?

I’m not glamorous like all of the other female YouTubers.

I’m not into makeup or fashion, and I’m not into wigs/weaves so my channel won’t become popular.


These are just a few of the things that I would tell myself immediately after my gut instincts would tell me to just go for it.


I would watch YouTube and compare myself to all these various women who looked very stylish and had a great on-screen presence and feel inferior to them. Many had thousands of followers, and I just couldn’t envision I ever having a large following. Granted, I may not have been into the things that they were passionate about, but if anything, fast-forward to 3 years later, I have now realised that that is what makes me different.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with my channel (Wini Boansi), I discuss Locs (dreadlocks), life & wellbeing.  Although when searching YouTube you will come across many other loc’d YouTubers, coming across a black-British one like myself, is a rarity. That is my niche.


However, I have got to emphasise that even if there were many other black-British YouTubers with Locs on there, it wouldn’t phase me. The reason for that is because they aren’t me. Only I can discuss and show things the way in which I do. Which brings me to my next point.


If you are reading this and you want to start something new, whether it is a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast or a business go for it. I often hear people saying that they want to start something, but their idea has already been done before.



So what? I have made videos that have been done before, but no one does it like Wini Boansi, therefore it still has my unique spin on things. That is the mentality that you need to have. Deciding not to do something because you believe that it already exists, is an injustice to yourself. If anything, most ideas have already been executed but that doesn’t stop folks from bringing them to life! Rather than you taking the easy way out and preventing yourself from stepping out of your comfort zone, why not look into how you can take your said idea and add a different spin to it?


Whatever idea you have, do your research, and try to kick-start it with the people and tools that you currently have. As time progresses everything will pan out accordingly, and as your brand grows, so will you.


I compared myself for over a year, and when I finally plucked up the courage to start off my channel, 2 years later I’ve built a nice following which consists of people who regularly watch, comment, like and/or share my content. That feels amazing.


What this has taught me is that the only person stopping yourself from being successful is YOU. Stop watching and being concerned with what other people are doing, and focus ON THE GREATNESS THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE.



  1. First thing first WELL DONE on the subscribers to your channel, second you are glamorous you at who you are your honest, tell, show, use the produced and tell people about it, I like watching and listening even though am a gray-hair,balding Scotsman,
    Good luck in future Wini ,

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